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Brandon Ayllon and Parker Schmidt skating above smokey Downtown Boise

Local rider Parker Schmidt casually sliding at a local favorite

Chances are if somebody asked you, “Dude have you been to Idaho yet? You wouldn’t believe the hills they have out there.”  You’d think that they’re blatantly lying to you, or you might even have to ask where Idaho even is! Well, truth is, that Idaho is home to some of the greatest foundations for downhill longboarding. If you’re willing to put in a little bit of effort to find the good stuff.

Sweet angle showing off Bogus Basin’s curves


Parker Schmidt takes you down Bogus Basin’s Jungle and Repaved section of road


You also might be wondering now who in Idaho even skates? Well, in addition to the just opened World Class “Rhodes SkatePark,” Johnnie Shillereff, founder of Element, is opening up his new shop called “304 Americana, an Element Experience.”

Parker Schmidt finding steep and gnarly roads in the Idaho forest

Cade Lenger coming in hot to a right bend  

Kurt Derow getting technical into a hairpin


There’s an ever growing community located in Boise Idaho called “LBID” (Longboard Idaho). These spud rippers haven't been around for long, but they have made their way in the local community in a positive way. Working along with their local ski resort Bogus Basin in creating an annual Gravity Games that takes place in the late longboarding season. The annual Gravity Games is a great place to meet up the locals, and skate one of their favorite mountain passes. And if you’re lucky, they might take you to their favorite downhill and freeride spots in the area.  

A fat pack mobbing down Bogus Basin’s curves during the Gravity Games.

Locals Parker Schmidt and Brandon Ayllon sliding into a tight hairpin

Cade Lenger railing a hairpin in the deep Idaho forest


There are many notable local riders in the LBID crew, but I’d like to just name a few who have gone out of their way to help grow this wonderful sport. First off, would be Brandon Ayllon, who when he’s not studying at college or working a full time, he’s shredding. Highly known for the push races he puts on, Brandon has helped expose the community of downhill and freeride to those who thought there wasn't anything more to longboarding than cruising around town and small push races.  Another rider who most riders in the community would feel comfortable calling him “dad” would be Josh Anderson. Every Friday, Josh brings his family down to the local park (Kleiner Park) to host Friday Night Kleiner Sessions. Bringing in the attention of newcomers to LBID and teaching the basic skills like pushing, braking safely, as well as, setting up cones for people to try more technical skills or riding slalom. These weekly events are a hit with families.  


Brandon Ayllon stylishly steezy heelslide

Manual God Josh Anderson weaving in and out of a slalom course


Lastly, I’d like to bring to attention an OG Idaho rider Paul Beverly. The man who introduced a lot of riders to technical downhill and the ways of Bogus Basin. He had assisted the Gravity Games organizers in giving a skater's perspective on how downhill events are typically ran which played the part in allowing for such a smoothly ran event. Even though he isn’t living in Idaho any longer, he played a major part in building the foundation of the Longboard Idaho community.

Paul Beverly tucking and leaning into one of Bogus’s many bends

Paul Beverly catching up to Parker Schmidt during a morning Bogus run

Ben Nilson sliding over the smoky view


So next time you’re driving to a super gnarly state to go skate in and you happen to pass through Idaho. Remember that there are communities scattered all over the country and there just so happens to be one in Idaho. The people here will insure that you have a fantastic skating experience and will leave you wanting to come back for more.


Community made video of a local favorite freeride spot “Forsale”

Brandon Ayllon and Parker Schmidt showing off their LBID shirts while hiking back up a run


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Idaho Spot Check with LBID’s Parker Schmidt // Longboard Idaho

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