Mahalo, I am Parker Schmidt. A planted and grown child of the south, who spent his entire childhood in the Knoxville, Tennessee. Living in the marsh wetlands, tossing around frogs and crawdads with my good bud Huckleberry Fin. As my father had moved jobs from the east of the Appalachian's to the west of the Smokey Mountains, we eventually landed in Boise, Idaho out of all places. Living in the land of potatoes is where I'd consider to be the location where (in lack of better "nomad" terminology). I have sprouted my character and created myself.
For the past three years of my life I've been chasing the sensation of throwing myself down hills and having the most fun I can on the way down. As I come up on my second year of racing, I'll be attending the European race circuit. Traveling around, stacking clips in the Alps with my team to continue to create content and build my personal brand.
With the next few years of my life being large milestones, going to college and moving away from home, I don't know where I'll be within the next few years. I'll continue to further push my riding skills beyond my best ability. Focusing on a study that will allow me to work along with companies in the downhill longboard industry. What else is to come? You can find out as soon as I do, right here ...