7 Step Downhill Stretch Routine by Parker Schmidt

Parker Schmidt/ February 20, 2017/ Health/ 0 comments

Mahalo, my dudes! With the 2017 race season on the horizon I thought it’d be an appropriate time to provide a warm up stretch guide for racers and whomever else would want to take advantage of this tutorial! Are you skeptical on the concept and importance of stretching prior to racing? Consider the position that a rider takes during a

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Idaho Spot Check | LBID | Longboard Idaho

Parker Schmidt/ February 8, 2017/ LBID/ 0 comments

Brandon Ayllon and Parker Schmidt skating above smokey Downtown Boise Local rider Parker Schmidt casually sliding at a local favorite Chances are if somebody asked you, “Dude have you been to Idaho yet? You wouldn’t believe the hills they have out there.”  You’d think that they’re blatantly lying to you, or you might even have to ask where Idaho even

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